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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ArtsCow 6 Inch Book Review with Coupon Code for You

I have some new printed books to share. This was my first purchase from ArtsCow. I ordered two 6-inch hardcover books using a coupon code that got me the first book for 99 cents and the second book for 6.99 ($1 off) with free shipping. I have a similar coupon code to share with you at the end of this post.

The books are for my son, so he can have some of his own little scrapbooks to look at. I just chose various pages from my yearly books that fit together in a theme. I made a school book and a holiday book.

There is no getting around that a 6x6 inch book is small, especially when you are used to 12x12.  I like to place multiple photo spots on a page, so many of the pictures are very small. The text is small too, although I could still read all of it. These 6 inch books are too small for my preference, but they are just right for a little one to enjoy.

The fist book had scrapbook pages about Preschool and Kindergarten activities.

The outside edges of the book measure really close to 6 inches. Here is a picture of the width measurement, and the height measurement is also 6 inches.

The inside pages are actually a little smaller than 6 inches. They measure about 5.75 inches on a side.

I used the default text size for the spine, and it is nice and large. I have a white spine. I can't remember if you can customize the spine color.

The end sheets are a textured white paper. I like it. I'm a huge fan of textured white paper.

The first page is a right hand side page. You can put in a "title" page, but I just went right to scrapbook layouts.

The pages are stitched in the middle. It doesn't look especially strong.

The base book comes with 20 pages. The 20th page is on the left side, and then there are three blank white pages that follow. (You can pay to have those pages filled with your images if you want, otherwise you just have white pages at the end. And you can probably add even more pages to your book. )

Here is the other book. These have (mostly) holiday pictures from Sears. We always paid to have the permission to print the images, so it's all legit.

The print quality is pretty good. The colors are nice. I did notice that the skin tones came out a little on the red side.  And the gray background paper on this following page printed a bit pink.

I placed my order on a Friday and received the package in my US Mail Box 18 days later - so about 2.5 weeks to get my order. The normal shipping charges on ArtsCow books seem a little high to me. And every book has a shipping charge, even if you buy multiple books in a single order. But I understand they are shipping from Hong Kong, so maybe that is reasonable.

I'm quite happy with these books, and I want to order more, if I can get another free shipping deal. I just hate paying for shipping. I'd like to get several more of these little books printed throughout the year, and save them up for Christmas gifts.

Since I used a 99 cent coupon code on my order, ArtsCow gave me another 99 cent coupon to share with people. For every person who uses this code, I will get a $1 reward to spend at ArtsCow.  This code is good for:

  • 99 cents for a 6x6 inch or 5x7 inch book
  • Additional 6x6 inch or 5x7 inch books for $6.99 (a $1 discount)
  • Free shipping on your order
  • One 99 cent coupon per household- so if you've already used a similar discount code, I don't think you will not be able to use this one.
  • This code is good through February 28, 2015; up to 20,000 orders; and ArtsCow can terminate the promotion at any time.
  • CODE: Z099BOOKA5495
I actually wish I had ordered more books, but since I wasn't sure if I would like them I only ordered two. I had thought that I would still be able to use other 99 cent codes that other people share, but I don't think it works that way. So, I will be on the lookout in the coming months for more special deals from ArtsCow. I'd really rather buy made in the USA, but for some fun little gifts like these at a great price, I will consider international.

Thanks for stopping by!

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