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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Enchanted Forest

Last night we played a game called Enchanted Forest. It's for 2-6 players, ages 6 and up.

It was a really fun game, and great for all ages.  You travel across the board discovering the locations of various treasures (the treasures are on the undersides of the trees). At any one time there is a specific treasure card showing. When you find that treasure you try to be the first to make it to the castle and reveal its location. There is a little bit of math/strategy involved in how you choose to play each move. And it is a memory game because you have to remember where all the treasures are. The first person to correctly reveal three treasures is the winner.

Our game had a bit of a slow start because it took a while for someone to find the first treasure. But after the first one was revealed everyone had seen (and hopefully remembered) several others. So the game play sped up then. Miller lost interest before anyone won, and he quit playing. Bit it was just a handful of moves after when I revealed my third treasure and won the first game!

I didn't time the game, but it probably took between 30 and 45 minutes for the three of us to play. (It's now a few days later and we've played a few more rounds. Game length is quite variable depending on luck, how sharp memories are, and how people take advantage of some of the special moves in the game.)

I highly recommend Enchanted Forest for family fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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