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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Solution for Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know a lot of people (although the scientist isn't one of them) who like soft chocolate chip cookies. I like them soft. My brother and sister like them soft. I know because they always undercook their cookies. While I will eat raw cookie dough in a heartbeat, I don't like half-cooked chocolate chip cookies.

My solution:  always eat your chocolate chip cookies fresh baked and still warm off the tray! It's the best way, in my opinion. You can have a soft cookie that is actually all the way cooked and has a nice crunchy edge.

I have been using this recipe lately (with modifications): Chocolate Chip and Chunk Cookies by Averie Cooks.

My modifications:
  • I use salted butter, and I also add the optional salt in the recipe.
  • I use about 1 and a half cups of chocolate chips (no other chocolate chunks).
  • I use the 2 cups of all purpose flour that she mentions, as an alternative to the mix of all purpose flour and bread flour.
  • And the biggest modification: I make regular sized cookies (my scoop is 1 and a half tablespoons in volume) and I cook them for about 14 minutes to achieve a nice browning on the edges.
And I eat them when they are still warm.

I do refrigerate my pre-made dough balls as she recommends. From my experience with this recipe, I suspect that if you cooked them straight away they would spread out a lot. If I cook my first batch several hours after preparing the dough it will still spread a little. But if cooked the next day (and subsequent days) they hold their shape really well.


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