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Sunday, October 27, 2013

1 Photo + Six Words

I recently blogged about how I'm getting bored of scrapping the same ol' activities year after year. Before Miller was in school I did a lot more moment scrapping. Those pages usually had just a single picture and a little journaling about parenthood or childhood. Lately I scrap out about outings, and I make a lot of double pages with lots of photos.

I thought I would try to mix moment scrapping back in. I was reminded of the article I wrote called Six Word Story for the Artisan Notebook in 2012. What I've decided to do is every once in a while I'll scrap a moment page with 1 photo and 6 words of journaling. Here is my first one.

This was a picture I took at a local art museum. There was bright light streaming through the windows, but I adjusted the exposure of the picture to correctly expose the shirt that the scientist is wearing. The windows are washed out, but I like the overall effect. Because I liked the photo so much, I wanted to do something with it. As I looked at it, I recalled that as soon as we got the the museum, the scientist headed straight over to the food shop and got some snacks. We all have our priorities.

Cardstock Essentials 3 by Karla Dudley; 25 Days of Summer Templates by Simply Tiffany Designs;
Green Lights Ahead by Karla Dudley and Gennifer Bursett

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  1. This is one of the most beautiful layouts I've ever seen! Definitely on my top list!!

  2. This is beautiful - the photo is stunning. Thanks for sharing it at our show & tell!

  3. What a clever and powerful way to tell your story. Love your page.

  4. This page is so amazing e inspiring, love it!

  5. I love this - how fantastic! I love how you're telling a story in this layout!

  6. I am in love with the way you portrayed this photo! Thank you for sharing it, your beautiful layout, and the inspirational concept of journaling. I am definitely interested in trying it!