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Friday, January 28, 2011

Scrapping Stef Style (New Layouts - Jan 29, 2011)

This week in a discussion over at DigiShopTalk, a challenge was made for scrappers to try something new:  digi scrappers who don't use kits (yes, there are people who never use kits!) were challenged to scrap WITH a kit, and those of us who scrap with kits were challenged to make a layout WITHOUT using a kit.

I was excited to start my page, but I found myself struggling a little. Most of my layouts are what I could call "everyday scrapping" - a cross between a photo album and diary. As I started to gather my ideas, I found myself thinking that my everyday photos weren't special or profound enough to carry a whole page without pretty papers and elements as decoration.

This actually surprised me because I often scrap with very few embellishments. If you look at my most recent pages, I think you will see that I've ventured into the "five items or less" phase again. So I was surprised that I would feel that my photos weren't enough to make a page presentable. But regular old everyday photos are all I have, so I didn't have much choice in the matter.  In the end, I used some park photos.  And I love how my page turned out:

Font: Thwack
scraplift of There are no ordinary moments by zwyck1

So, do you always use kits?  Would you like to take up the challenge to scrap without a kit?  Our challenge over at DST is in place until Thursday Feb 3.  Oh, and check out Stef's blog, StefStyle- she's the digi scrapper I know who doesn't use kits, and her pages are amazing!

And here a two more layouts I made this past week, with kits, of course:

Amiable and He kitsby DeCrow Designs (some colors modified)
Template freebie by bta designs (modified)

Heart masks by Scrapping with Liz; Summer's Last Kiss by DeCrow

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Layouts - Jan 22, 2011

Here are three of the layouts I've made in the last week or so.  I'm trying to get everything done from 2010 so I can order my photobook.  I'm not even letting myself look at Jan photos until I finish December.

Template & Date bit from Everyday Life #1 by Gina Marie Huff
and Cinzia Designs; Paper from Life365 Collection by Gina Marie Huff

Everyday Life #1 by Gina Marie Huff & Cinzia Designs
Photo action by My Four Hens

Storyteller by One Little Bird & Paislee Press; Innovative by One Little Bird
City Lights photo action by Faith True

I've also made two more Project: Love, Me pages. Here is the last page in the Dreams prompts for January.  You can find my whole Project: Love, Me gallery here.

Template by Jaclyn Bernardo; Sweet & Simple Kit #10 by Gina Marie Huff
except green flowers from Everyday Life Kit #1 by GMH and Cinzia Designs
I've received several questions about the script font I'm using for this album.  It's called Marianna.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Scrapping with poor photos? Storyboard them!

Here is a layout I made last fall.  When I showed this one to the scientist, he said, "Wow, placing bad photos together in a collage like that makes them look better."
Back to Journaling Temps 1 by Scrapping with Liz; Funky Basic Cardstock
and elements from Sweet & Simple Life Kits #7 and #10 by Gina Marie Huff;
CoffeeShop photo actions: Irish Breakfast Tea & Faded Daydreams

I am not a good photographer. I have a little point and shoot camera; it doesn't even have a manual mode.  I hate the flash and often try to take shots without it, but that frequently results in blurry photos.  And, my usual subject (my son) is not cooperative. So I take a lot of imperfect photos. But I still want to scrap with them, so I need to get creative.

The scientist's observation that my photos were improved simply from their arrangement and proximity got me thinking. A collage of photos might be called a storyboard by a photographer. It is an arrangement of several photos, usually in a very linear blocked style.  The photos taken all together tell a story that a single photo could not.  Additional text, or journaling, isn't needed because the photos tell the story.

I took those photos with the umbrella just because I wanted something to scrap. I did not necessarily want to tell any particular story, I just wanted to do something creative. But taking a closer look at these photos, I see that they tell me:

  1. It was warm and wasn't raining, and it was either early morning or late afternoon.
  2. The kid liked playing with that umbrella - hiding behind it and spinning it.
  3. The kid was on the move a lot, but also took a break.

    From this list, I can infer that a storyboard - even with "poor" photos (or maybe particularly with poor photos) - can do this for your layouts:

    1. Provide context and background for your story - location, date and time through clues in the photos.
    2. Create energy - the motion blur certainly indicates action and movement, but so do the shots that are cropped with part of a person's face cut off.
    3. Highlight change through the contrast of actions in the photos - getting to the nitty gritty of the "story" in storyboard.

      The wonderful conclusionThe photos that I felt were "poor" do not detract from the better photos.  In fact they support the stronger photos by bringing in energy and make the whole collection more dynamic.

      Here are two more examples from my gallery where I have used flawed photos within a storyboard.  In this first, the bottom right photo is the "bad" one, but I actually think it is the most exciting and interesting shot on the page - his expression is perfect, and his excitement and madness are so evident - yes, he was a little bit crazy.

      Fall Fun Templates & Tiny Dot Borders by Scrapping with Liz
      Word-art by DeCrow Designs; Stithes by K Studio
      Papers and Elements from various kits by Gina Marie Huff

      In this last one below, the photos were taken without a flash and were somewhat blurry. They are basically ordered in chronological order from left to right and step through the process of brushing his teeth.   Now that I've thought more about storyboards, I actually wonder if this layout would be more interesting without the journaling.  My writing was about the back story of  going to the dentist and how he has this problem with brown staining on his teeth.  But the photos tell an entirely different story: the multitude of emotions that teeth brushing can evoke from a three year old boy.

      Simple Square Temps by Scrapping with Liz; Papers from Letters of Love
      and word-art from Just a Note by Kasia Designs
      Bow from Life is Good by Gina Marie Huff

      I know that scrapbooking and photography go hand-in-hand, but it's nice to be reminded that being a top notch photographer is not a prerequisite for being a great layout artist. Give a storyboard a try, even throw in some blurry photos - they have plenty of story to tell.

      Friday, January 14, 2011

      New Layouts - Jan 15, 2011

      These are my newest layouts. These first pages are about the camping trip we took in August, and I finally got them scrapped. I didn't take very many/very good photos during the trip. But over Christmas I got all the photos my father-in-law took.
      Paper from He by DeCrow Designs; Cardstock by SuzyQ Scraps;
      Template Freebie by Roadside Designs; Elements from Seaside Fall by Ziska

      Paper from He by DeCrow Designs; Cardstock by SuzyQ Scraps;
      Elements from Seaside Fall by Ziska; Photo action by My Four Hens
      Paper from He by DeCrow Designs; Cardstock by SuzyQ Scraps;
      Frame from Advent Freeibe by 3 Paper Peonies; Flower from Seaside Fall by Ziska
      Photo action by My Four Hens

      And here are a couple pages I've been working on for a mini-December Daily album
      Traditional Temps I by Scrapping with Liz;
      Sweet &Simple Kit #12 by Gina Marie Huff
      Traditional Temps II by Scrapping with Liz;
      Sweet & Simple Kit #12 by Gina Marie Huff

      Friday, January 7, 2011

      New Layouts - Jan 8, 2011

      Here are some of my newest layouts.

      I will use this one as the title page when I get all of my 2010 layouts printed in a photobook.  I still have some events from 2010 that I need to scrap.  I probably won't be ready to print until February.

      2010 Title Page
      Year in Review Template by Scrapping with Liz;
      Paper, 2 alphas and elements from Sweet & Simple Kits #4, #5, #8, #9
      all by Gina Marie Huff

      I'm really into script fonts right now.  You might get a hint of that in these next two layouts.

      December 16
      Fancy Circle Template by Scrapping with Liz;
      Amiable and Everyday You kits by DeCrow Designs

      Do Fun Stuff
      Fancy Circle Templates by Scrapping with Liz;
      Note to Self freebie by Biograffiti;
      Flower & glitter from Storyteller by One Little Bird and Paislee Press

      Only He

      Baby's First Year Temp by Scrapping with Liz;
      Cardstock by SuzyQ Scraps; He kit by Decrow Designs

      I'm doing the Project: Love, Me album this year, a year-long "All About Me" activity. Here are my first pages.  The prompts for the first month are about our dreams.

      PLM Title Page
      Cardstock by Miss Tiina; Stamp from Sweet & Simple Life #10 by Gina Marie Huff

      PLM Pre-Prompt

      Stamp and flower from Sweet & Simple Life #10 and #7 by Gina Marie Huff

      PLM Prompt 1
      Cardstock from HoHoHo by Miss Tiina;
      Flower from Monochrome Love by Kasia Designs

      PLM Prompt 2
      Cardstock from HoHoHo by Miss Tiina;
      Stamp from Sweet & Simple Life Kit #4 by Gina Marie Huff
      That's eight layouts, all made in the last two weeks.  I've been busy!