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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Bird watching - I kinda get it now. Here is another great post from Alien Skin, this time about photographing birds: Photographing Birds at Home. There is great discussion in the comments.

Here are my attempts at bird photography, apartment patio style.

These birds were eating berries/seeds off the tree. 

These small birds come for the seeds I put out. The birds almost always in pairs with a plain one and a red one - I'm guessing male and female. The red ones (males?) always seem to be a little more bold, and the plain one comes down after the red one has scoped it out a bit.

And the good ol' hummingbirds. Any time of the day you can expect this one to be on his favorite perch at the top of the tree. He chases off other birds, big and small.

Besides your family, what do you like to take pictures of? For me, it's mostly bugs, birds, and mushrooms (when I can find them!). Thanks for stopping by.

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