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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Recipes

I have tried a few more new recipes that have turned out well.

Baked Chicken and Cheese Taquitos from Just A Taste. I used corn tortillas, and even after letting them soak for 30 seconds or more, I had trouble getting the tortillas to roll without splitting. It was quite frustrating, and I think I even cried and/or yelled a curse word. BUT the chicken was really yummy. I kept sneaking bites of it as I was putting the taquitos together. I did not use cumin in the chicken, though. I don't like the smell of it.  So my chicken was flavored with the onions (which I actually let caramelize a little), garlic, lime juice, paprika, salt and pepper, and a dash of coriander. I actually made this chicken filling a second time tonight for burritos. This chicken is scientist approved!

Yellow Curry Chicken with Basmati Rice from Just A Taste. The scientist really liked this one, but it was a bit too much for me. I think the coconut milk sauce was just too much. I had leftover rice to eat with this, so I didn't actually make the Basmati rice.

Creamy Chive Potatoes from Annie's Eats. This was a nice substitute for mashed potatoes. I overcooked the potatoes because they were done before my meat was done, but I really loved the flavor.

Quick French Dip Sandwiches from Kitchen Simplicity. This was a really easy meal. I think the garlic and cheese on the bread was what really made this recipe. I wouldn't call it a favorite, but I'll make it again. The scientist liked it more than I did. The thyme in the broth was very strong, despite the fact that I only used half of the called for amount.

30 Minute Caramelized Shallot, Spinach and Goat Cheese Garlic Butter Pasta from How Sweet It Is. This was REALLY good! It came together quickly, although it was a bit hectic. I was trying to watch both the shallots and the butter at the same time to make sure neither burned. And I was also cooking up some chicken in another pan at the same time too. But everything came out great! The goat cheese on top was so good! This is what I call a really fancy recipe because it has shallots AND goat cheese AND garlic brown butter. And even though it was fancy it was actually pretty easy.

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