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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scrapped Out!

I am scrapped out!!  I've been scrapping so much these last couple of months, with my guest spot at the Lilypad (which isn't quite over yet) and my Digichick spot, which I'm sad to say I have given up.  There are a lot of exciting things happening at The Digichick right now, which also means more activities for the creative team.  It just didn't fit in with my creative level and my schedule right now, so I had to say good bye.  :(

Here are some layouts I've done, though.  I can't quite shake this minimal thing I've got going.  This first page is kinda about Miller's little summer camp that he went to and kinda about the aftermath of getting his blood taken.

Kidding Around by Kelly Schmidt designs; Template Pack 16 by Kaye
Winiecki; Spring Sprocket Cardstock by Gina Miller Designs

This is one where I had a photo that I liked, but no story to go with it ... But now it's been a few months, so I just tacked on a different story! It still relates to the pirate costume, though. Miller comes up with these games where I'm supposed to say certain lines ... and when we get to the end, then we start again at the beginning and go through the scenario yet another time.  This game is about mistaken identity.
Daffodil templates by zinnias and swallowtails
Yoho Yoho by Valorie Wibbens and Emily Merritt

This one has pictures from when we went to the State Fair.  But the little story alludes to the fact that without James and Miller I would probably never leave my house.  Well, not quite, but I am a real home body.  The picture of me in the layout is one that Miller took - that's why it's all blurry and my face is cut off.  But on a whim I threw it onto the layout, and I liked how it looked.

Family Ties and You Make Me Smile by eNKay Design
Press Plate no. 30 template by Paislee Press

And a couple more Project: Love, Me pages. This first one was about celebrating an event that would not usually be celebrated. I chose to write about my graduate school career that ended with only a Masters degree, not a Ph.D.

An Afternoon at the Park elements by Sherwood Studio;Yin and Yang
Template Collab by Scrapping with Liz and Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Spring Sprocket Cardstock by Gina Miller Designs

The theme for July was celebrations/traditions. I wrote about a tradition I would like to instate/continue for my family: camping at the coast every summer, like my husband did when he was little.
An Afternoon at the Park elements by Sherwood Studio;Yin and Yang
Template Collab by Scrapping with Liz and Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Spring Sprocket Cardstock by Gina Miller Designs

Thanks for stopping by. I know I mentioned up above about being scrapped out. I'll still have some new layouts to share soon, but after my Lilipad gig is up, I'm planning to take a nice long scrapping break.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I'm loving these layouts. Your clean, simple 'minimalist' style is very appealing, and also very professional looking. I'm also loving the fonts you pick. I'm very choosy about fonts, and I honestly hate a lot of fonts scrappers pick. (it's just one of my little quirks... each time I look at a font I think either "amateur" or "professional". Since I'm basically a graphic designer, I think about how layouts look to a professional graphic designer. Would they think it looks like some Mommy who thinks she can design, or would they think, 'wow, that person really knows what she's doing!'. Your work definitely meets that high standard. At least to me.

    It's also so fun to see a layout from the day we met at the Fair. Adorable photo, Miller captured something very special there!