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Saturday, July 23, 2011

No More Alarm Clocks

Friday was the last day of Miller's summer camp.  For three weeks, four days a week, I had 2 1/2 hours all to myself.  I REALLY liked it.  He REALLY liked camp, and I bet he'll miss it.  However, I did not like having to set an alarm to be at camp on time.  I haven't had to use an alarm clock regularly for years, maybe even a decade.  I think the world gets up way too early.  This camp was so great because it was basically all free play time.  They could play inside with toys or blocks, they could play outside in the amazing park, they could participate in the art projects - all up to them.  It was a great first experience for him.  Miller will be starting a real preschool in mid-September, and I will get a few hours to myself again. And even better, it's AFTERNOON preschool.  No alarm clocks.

I've been busy making layouts.  Taking advantage of my guest spot and my 2 1/2 hours :)  This first one is a 2-pager for Miller's 4th birthday.  This was a special party for me because we stayed in our own town instead of traveling to where all the family is.  It really meant a lot to us that they all came here for the party.

Make a Wish by Sahlin Studio and Valorie Wibbens
June Bliss Templates by Amy Martin; Photo actions by My Four Hens
Make a Wish by Sahlin Studio and Valorie Wibbens; Everyday Life 12x12
Templates by Gina Marie Huff; Photo actions by My Four Hens

I finally got some curtains for Miller's "apartment," so the room felt finished enough to scrap about it.  Before this, he did not have his own room; his stuff was just all over.  Now he has is own space.
photoy templates v. 4 by Amy Martin; Splatz Mats by C.D. Muckosky
Decorative Stitches by Valorie Wibbens; Make a Wish by Valorie Wibbens
and Sahlin Studio; Stylish Stocks paper pack by Pixel Gypsy

This page was about my entry to the California State Fair and meeting my online scrapping buddy Stef who also entered and won. I still have more fair scrapping that I want to do, but this was the most important part.
Paper Palooza #4 Template by Gina Miller Designs
Country Fair Picnic Papers and Mixed Media by Sahlin Studio

Just a cute picture of Miller.  Gosh, I wish he'd cut his hair.
Faded Masks and Mats by Scrapping with Liz; Growing Like a Weed and
The Joy of Life by Captivated Visions; Free to Be by Tracie Stroud

These were just some pics from a few months ago that I'd set aside to scrap.  Nothing particularly noteworthy about them, but I thought the little quotation word-art was funny and matched the photos really well.
Trademark by Lauren Reid and One Little Bird
Frame-It 2 by Sabrina's Creations

Finally, this is the tentative cover for my 2011 printed scrapbook. I love the simplicity of the design. I think it's similar to last year's cover, so I like the consistency of that.  I also like the words I wrote ... sometimes I surprise myself.
Sketched Frames by Scrapping with Liz;
Your True Colors by Captivated Visions.
That's all for now! Thanks for looking!

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