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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Played It Again

I'm so excited that I got to contribute (in a small way) to  The Daily Digi.  They have a feature every month called Play It Again where they display several layouts with the exact same photos and journaling, but scrapped by different people.  You get to see all the different creative paths that can be taken with the same photos.

I've been a fan of the Play It Again posts ever since they started, so when I saw an opportunity to participate (thanks to my guest CT spot at The LilyPad), I jumped at the chance.  And to be completely honest, it had not escaped my attention that Katie describes the Play It Again contributors as "some of the best scrappers in digi land." That might have had some bearing on my enthusiasm to participate. Just a little, maybe. Here is the layout I created:

Froggy's Cardstock by Gina Miller; Plaid Addict 3 by Rachel Young;
Paint Swatch Templates and Vintage Vogue Elements by Sahlin Studio;
Summer Minimalist by Fruitloop Sally; Sprinkles V3 by Valorie Wibbens
Photoactions by My Four Hens Photography

I really love this layout. I've considered reusing it for some of my own photos! I've been a little interested lately in placing titles and elements in somewhat random spots on my design, and I did a little of that here ... It can create "trapped white space," which is supposed to be a no-no, but the rebel in me tries to see what I can do. Thanks for looking!


  1. Great LO. And I would definitely put you in "the best scrappers in digi land!" Fo sho!!

  2. Love this LO Tiff : the splatter and scattered elements are just the perfect touch, and the red of the leaves popping out of the page perfectly compliments the whole page : just perfect !