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Friday, August 19, 2011

New Layouts August 19, 2011

I haven't been making a lot of pages, although the length of this post may indicate otherwise. In reality, I'm behind getting them up here on the blog, so they have piled up. What have I been doing instead of scrapping? Giving myself a little creative break, doing some file organization (photo actions), trying to spend more time playing with Miller. I did open up my Wacom Tablet that I got for Christmas and plugged it in to the computer. I think it will be fun, although Miller has actually used it more than I have so far!!

This first layout has pictures from the State Fair. It explains why Miller was begging to be carried so much - he literally had handfuls of corn kernels in his shoes and never thought to dump them out!
Sunday Afternoon Elements by Kelly Schmidt; Ten Things Papers by
Baers Garten; Color Swatch Templates by Sahlin Studio

This is a little spider that we found while he/she was making his/her web. It was interesting to watch it go round and round so fast. I kept calling it a "he," and every time the scientist would say, "I'm pretty sure it's a she." And I just stood there wondering why that mattered so much.
Ten Things Elements by Baers Garten; Sunday Afternoon Elements by
Kelly Schnmidt; Pumpernickel by Valorie Wibbens; Painty Frames by Amy
Wolff; Sewing Table by Gina Miller Designs; The Wolff by Heather Hess

This is just a picture of Miller when we were visiting my mom.
Snapshots by Karen Lewis Designz

This is my ode to templates. It was inspired by a layout I saw in a gallery, and the scrapper had left the default journaling guides on when she saved for web (instead of toggling on her actual journaling layer). So the layout had these columns of text saying "journal here ... journal here." But I thought it was a neat idea for celebrating templates, which I really like to use. So I left the title as "title," and one of the journaling boxes has the pre-typed text from the template, although the font I chose probably makes it hard to read.
Recyclables IV by Scrapping with Liz; The Everyday Papers by
Valorie Wibbens; Your Day Solids by Rachel Young Designs;
Free Spirit Alpha by CD Muckosky

Just me and Miller being silly.
One Fine Day by Amy Wolff and Valorie Wibbens; Simple Journalers 1 by
Gina Miller; Photography Frame by Joanne Brisebois

A Project: Love, Me page about how I relax.
Froggy's Cardstock by Gina Miller Designs; ever+always by Lauren
Reid and Micheline Martin; June Bliss Templates by Amy Martin

I actually have more, but I figure this is long enough already. Hopefully I'll get them up in just a couple days.

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