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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Project: Love, Me Book Printed

In 2011 Kami Leonard (Ziggle Scraps) and Suzy Iverson (SuzyQ Scraps) hosted a year long All About Me project with weekly prompts and coordinating kits that you could buy each month. I followed along every week and completed almost all of the prompts for the year.  Well, I finally got around to getting the book printed!

I used Blurb, my favorite printing company.  But I have to say I had a little trouble this time around.  I had a gift certificate from my mom, and I had a 25% discount coupon that I got through Clickin Moms. Blurb's shopping cart treats discount codes and gift certificate codes in the same manner, and you can only use one code in a transaction. In my mind, a gift certificate is like a form of payment, and it shouldn't disqualify you from using a discount code. But I contacted them about it, and they promptly gave me a solution to the problem. In the end I was able to use both codes, just in a round about way.  So I guess I'm still happy with Blurb. But kinda disturbed by them as well.

My overall feelings about the book:
  • Easy to put together using Bookify online system.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Beautiful book with amazing colors.  This is my third Blurb book, and I must say that I was really amazed by the beautiful colors, more so than my previous books. Not that my previous books had poor colors.  I was just really blown away this time.
  • Warped cover, as I have seen in my last book. Photo below.
Here are some pictures. Cover.


Edge - notice slight warping of cover, as I saw in my last book as well. The warping in my last book has decreased as time has past.

Title Page.

Inner pages.

A couple of close up shots.

I'm really happy to have this project "officially" finished.  This was my first time creating a cohesive album with similar design elements on every page.  All pages used the same white background, and I had three fonts that I also used consistently on all pages.  Other than that, kits and page design vary greatly from page to page.  Another thing about this book is that I included 4 or 5 self portraits taken throughout the year.  That was a new thing for me, but I've become much more comfortable about including pictures of myself in my layouts. I'm really glad I did this project.

Thanks for stopping by!

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