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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We Love Nature

We love nature around here.  Besides the hummingbirds, lizards are the current obsession (not mine, just Miller's).  He loves to catch them. Fence lizards (aka blue belly lizards) are his favorite.
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What other nature do we love? Hummingbirds, of course. This one is a bit blurry, but I like how just a couple of the feathers are showing up red. The scientist said that it was because the lighting angles for those particular feathers were just right, but I also wonder if the feathers actually change form as the bird matures. Maybe this bird is in the process of getting his adult feathers.

Yesterday I got a few more pictures showing off a bit of that feather iridescence. The feathers around the throat almost look more like scales than feathers.

This last one isn't so great, but you get a flash of red over the whole throat.

I haven't taken many pictures of bugs lately, but I did get these of a bee on my cone flowers (my new favorite plant, by the way).

As I continue to take pictures, I have found that sometimes, amazingly, I choose my old Canon PowerShot SX20 camera. There was a time when I thought that camera was a total piece of junk. But now I find that there are certain situations when it works better for me than my nice Sony. And I can take better pictures now with my Canon than I used to, even though I mostly use my Sony. I guess I must be learning how to be a better photographer.

If you like insect photography, I recommend http://www.alexanderwild.com/ I somehow stumbled across his photography a while back. Here are some of his bee pictures (some with cone flowers too).





Maybe someday I'll take pictures as good as these. Thanks for stopping by!

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