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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Camping Mood Board

The Lilypad does a fun game during their big promotions: people can submit mood boards/color palettes for a future Build Your Own Collab collection. It's really fun. They usually let you submit 3. But it is hard work putting one of these together. I usually make one that I put some effort into, and then slap together two more, or just grab color swatches already available.

Last time around I made a camping mood board. In honor of Labor Day, and the fact that the scientist and I procrastinated too long to score ourselves a camping reservation for the holiday, I share with you my Camping Mood Board from the last TLP mood board challenge. I grabbed all the pictures from the web, but they represent things you can see in our favorite place to camp: the coastal redwoods of northern California.

I did not win the mood board challenge, but I'm still quite fond of this board anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

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