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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scrapbooks for Christmas Part 2

I'm back with Miller's second Christmas scrapbook. I also wanted to say a few more words about printing with Shutterfly.

I really like how the Shutterfly shopping cart works. Specifically, their cart lets you combine offers! For instance, I had a coupon code for a free 20-page book. I made my book with 28 pages, so I had to pay the extra $8 for those pages. But they were running a 40% summer sale (I believe it was with a Coupon Code), so I got 40% off of those additional 8 pages. The cart accepted multiple Coupon Codes. I like carts like that. (There are some restrictions, though.  I think I tried to apply a free shipping code once, and it didn't let me do that with the other coupon I had.)

Another time they were running a 25% sale (no Coupon Code required). Again, I got the 25% discount on the extra pages, on top of the free book.

Also, I like how the credit card field was formatted - putting in the dashes between each 4 digits. It makes it really easy to double check that you entered your number correctly. For some reason, I'm always worried I will put the number in wrong.

Now, back to that book I made for Miller. For the cover I chose one of the layouts I made for The Lilypad Month of Challenges. The challenge was to make a photo summary of the year, so it makes a perfect cover.

An unimaginative, and yet quite adequate, title on the spine. Brought to you by Bob the cat.

And here are some of my favorite pages.

The back cover. This was another layout from the Month of Challenges. The page was about my most favorite picture I took all year long, so that made a great page to put on the back.

At this moment, I'm not planning to make Miller any more scrapbooks for Christmas. But maybe some for the grandparents. If I do, I'll be sure to share them. Thanks for stopping by!

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