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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sometimes I Don't Like Nature

When we first moved into our new home, I didn't have a hummingbird feeder, but I did still have my old seed feeder and some birdseed. Here are some of the birds I saw. There were finches (just like at our old home), and a new-to-me bird I call "the black headed bird" (I think it might be a Dark-eyed Junco). There was one more dirty brown bird that was very shy and hopped along the ground. I never got a picture of that one.

After a few days I discovered (to my delight, initially) that squirrels like birdseed too. I even put out seed in a dish so the squirrels could easily get to it (as if they need any help!).

And then ... after a few days ... I discovered that squirrels poop everywhere, and apparently they poop constantly, because how else could you explain all the poops all over my porch?? Squirrels will also bite/tear holes into any closed bags of birdseed that you happen to leave outside, even if it is sealed and has never been opened and is on a high shelf. So, I no longer like squirrels. I am still debating if I want to put the bird seed out again.

Some of the squirrels here are black. I was quite taken aback the first time I saw one, but I guess they are a normal variant. They are mischievous looking things. And perhaps a little bit evil.

This is the tree squirrel that I'm used to seeing: the gray/brown ones. They are cuter, in my opinion, and they never pooped on my old porch and I had bird seed out there for months at a time.

Down with black squirrels!

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  1. Hi Tiff! Long time no "see"! I've missed you at DST, you haven't been around for a long time. Truth be told, I've pretty much given up the weekly Creative Discussion.. I posted one a few weeks ago and haven't done another. Too little participation, it just wasn't fun with one or two participants.. the same ones each week, and no lurkers coming out of hiding.
    Love your blog! Miller is growing up so big! What a cutie! I always love your photos. Inspiring to me. Did you know I moved to New Jersey two years ago? It's been interesting to say the least, I really like it here, and my job, but I miss California and my family so much! The kids and grandkids are all in the West. My 102- year old Mom is in California too and I miss her tons. I only get out to So Cal once or maybe twice a year. Not enough! Take care!