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Friday, June 29, 2012

My Containter Garden

My friend Kate asked me to show some photos of my patio so she could see the whole thing.  Although I'm very proud of my garden, I also believe it is probably very underwhelming to the seasoned gardeners out there.  But I tell myself everyone has to start somewhere, and this is my start.

Here's a copy with the plants named, to the best of my ability.

That blue planter on legs is actually a sand and water table.  Miller graciously gave me half of it to plant in.  And he as sand in the other half.

I'm probably guilty of over crowing things.  I just don't have the experience to know how big things will grow.  Plants usually come with some guidelines, but when I buy a six pack of plants, and they say to space a foot apart ... but my planter is only 2 feet long at the most ... well, then I just shove them all in.

Also, I should probably not plant things like radishes and green onions, which will be pulled out of the ground, next to other plants that I want to be more permanent.  Ah well, it's all part of my learning process.

My favorite right now is the shrub verbena.  They have these multi-flower heads that start with little folded up pillows that gradually pop open into a bulb of little flowers.  One of the hanging planters actually has one (with purple flowers), but right now it doesn't have any flowers on it.  The yellow planter on the ground has a shrub verbena with bright yellow flowers, and one of the brown planters has a shrub verbena with flowers that start out yellow and then mature into a bright peach color.

I forbade myself to buy any more plants, so hopefully I can now sit back and enjoy as everything grows bigger and better.

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