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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little bit of digi news

I have two little bits of news.  Little in the larger scheme of things, but kinda big for me.  First off, I entered a layout in the California State Fair again, and I placed!  I got second place for this layout:

I'm really excited to get 2nd place.  I was hoping for 3rd, having picked a layout that I thought the judges would like (based on the winning entries from last year).  I'll get a big ribbon, and I have a couple complimentary tickets and parking pass for the fair, as well as winning a little money - enough to compensate for the entry fee and printing the layout, so that's really nice.  My layout will be on display at the fair, July 12-29.

My other news is that I've landed a guest spot on The LilyPad creative team for the month of November.  Last summer I won a guest spot there by completing their monthly challenges, and it was a really fun month.  I'm excited to have the chance to participate in their store/forum again.  This was the "layout" I submitted with my application to show off my creativity.  It looks like a lot of work, but I actually recycled photos and extracted paper spiders from other layouts.  The little "drama" that I wrote out was new, though.
Love+Grace charity collab, Whole Wide World Alpha by Rachel Young, Free Spirit Alpha by CD Muckosky;
Talk to Me Labels and Hi Hello Patterns by Miss Tiina;
That's all the news.  Now The Goddess is scheduled for an "airplane adventure" with The King. I don't think the spiders are coming along, thank goodness. So, I must depart. Bye!

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