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Saturday, June 29, 2013

AdoramaPix Album Share

I'm back! I didn't feel like blogging for a while. I think it happens to a lot of people, so I'm in good company. But now I do feel like blogging again, and did you notice that this is posting exactly one year after my last post??

I'm back to share an album that I just had printed by AdoramaPix. I received a coupon code for a free 14 page 8x8 inch book (I had to pay shipping).  By happenstance, I just finished scrapping 16 pages of our recent camping trip. So in a total display of spontaneity, I decided to use the coupon and print my book. I'm not trying to write a formal review of the book here, just sharing for anyone who might be interested.

How did I fit 16 pages into a 14 page book?  One of the pages was a title page, so I used that for the front book cover.  Two of the pages were "bonus" pictures, and I simply had to leave one of those pages out of the album. Now that I think of it, I guess I could have used that 16th page as the back cover of the book. What I actually used for the back cover was the solid paper that is the background of every page.

The book is very nice. It has a lay-flat binding. And I also believe that the prints are true photo prints that have been mounted back to back. They aren't printed with ink on paper - it's the actual chemically developed process of photographs. I believe you can use these books to scrap 2-page spreads without losing anything in the middle. The cover is very vibrant and shiny, and to my eyes almost has a metallic look to it. The scientist, however, said, "It doesn't look metallic to me." I'll just get to some pictures now.


Front Cover.

Bottom Edge. Notice that white scar right on the corner?  That is the one defect that I saw in this book, and it was noticeable within minutes of unpacking.  The paper (on all corners of the book) has rubbed or torn where it folds around the cover.

Some inner pages. 1 and 2

 3 and 4

5 and 6

9 and 10

13 and 14

Close ups of the lay-flat binding seam. I can't tell if the two sides of the pages have been printed separately, or if the spread was actually printed as a 8x16 and then creased down the middle.

Back cover.

The only additional things I'd like to mention are that (1) it was a very easy process to upload my files and arrange them in the online software; and (2) it shipped very quickly, several days earlier than their estimate. I see on the AdoramaPix site that their books can hold up to 76 pages.

A drawback of this type of book is that in the book creation, all pages are 2-page spreads. You don't really have a way of making a right hand side title page at the beginning of the book.

Besides just being an exercise in spontaneity, I do have a purpose for this book. Our elementary school has a fund raising auction every year, and I have considered donating the creation of a scrapbook album. I didn't participate in the auction last year because I just didn't have time to figure out how I would make this work. But I think I've got it all figured out for next year.  I will donate my services to digitally create, and have printed, a 14 page album of memories from AdoramaPix. I will submit this book of mine as an example of what the auction winner will receive. Hopefully this book will be so impressive that a generous family will be happy to pay lots of money to have their very own custom album. The winner will provide me with photos, and possibly some journaling. I will create the pages (properly observing TOU for any kits used) and have the book printed, and then deliver it to winner. I think that would be a nice auction entry.

The main digital supplies I used in this album were:
  • Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 and 2 by Scrapping with Liz
  • Alpha: Woodland Wonder by Jenn Barrette (from May 2013 BYOC at The Lilypad)
  • Other May 2013 BYOC products from The Lilypad
  • Bountiful Buttons 1, 2 and 3 by Karah Fredricks
  • The two trees on the cover: Nature's Goodness by Faith True
  • Wood background paper: Photobooth by Paislee Press (I made it a little redder to match the redwood theme)
I also mix and match a lot of different supplies in my layouts.  You can check my DST gallery for complete credits on most of the layouts above.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. This is a gorgeous book! Thank you for sharing!
    Nancy P

  2. Wow, I just love everything about this!

  3. I just went there for summer vacation as well so it was fun to see some familiar spots. Wonderful book. It inspires me to get done.