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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Progress on Nero Wolfe project

In one respect, I haven't made any progress on my Nero Wolfe project: I haven't made any new layouts. But in another regard, I've made huge progress: I got the books out of the outside storage closet. This was a major undertaking because the closet is just about packed to the top with bins of stuff. The books, of course, were at the very bottom of the left-hand stack. Which meant that I had to completely remove the center stack to even get to the one on the left. I had been procrastinating because I've had some trouble with my back.  Some of those bins are really heavy.

But now the task is done, and I'm nearing the end of the first book, Fer-de-lance. I've even recorded a quote for the project. In this first book, Wolfe seems a bit more ... arrogant ... than he does in later books, so I'm optimistic that I might get quite a few good quotes early on. I took a picture of all my books. They're in no special order here. After getting them all out of the closet I just spread them out. There is actually one missing in this picture; it was one of two that had not been in the outside storage and was still sitting on the desk. (I was able to read those two books while waiting on the rest, but unfortunately I found no quotes that stood out to me.)

According to my list, there are only seven of the books that I do not own.  And four of those I've read by checking out of the library.  To think there are three books that I've never read yet!  What a treat it will be when I find them.

I've decided to compose this project in 8x8 format, since I will mostly be scrapping just a simple quote on each page.  If I decide to print these in their own book, that will probably keep the cost down significantly.

Now I'll leave you with my most recent layouts.  This first one was for a challenge at One Story Down (which was to use the journaling prompt "I'm thankful for ..." ).  No big story behind this one, just a cute photo of a fake smile.  The grand prize of this challenge is a one year subscription to The Digi Files.  I could not pass that up, and I'm feeling lucky after winning two random draws on DSD.

Ful Papers and Moon & Back by creashens
Sweet & Simple Life Kits #2, #4, #11, Life365 Hodge Podge 15 and Cute Lil' Patterns by Gina Marie Huff

Lately when Miller doesn't want to do something that I tell him to do, he'll cross his arms across his chest and scream, "I won't!"  I didn't happen to have a picture of the arms across the chest, so I tried to find a decent substitute.  I have to admit I'm a little proud that he says, "I won't," instead of just, "No!"  It seems much more certain and confident.

Bliss by Creashens; Handmade Paper Flowers: Autumn Sunset and Vintage Vogue Elements by Sahlin Studio
Bold Brushwork by Misty Cato; Cute Lil Patterns and Everyday Life #4 by Gina Marie Huff
Chatterbox no. 1 by Taylor Made

So, can you tell I'm kinda into paint smears and splatters right now?  Thanks for stopping by!

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