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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Layout and The Stupid Things - May 2, 2011

Yesterday, we opened the Disney Mater's Tall Tales DVD.  After popping the DVD into the machine, the DVD said it would start the Autorun feature.  I thought - great, I can just walk away.  Well, the Autorun feature plays all of the advertising and previews, and takes a great feat of remote control button pushing to get past it all once it has started.  I was furious.  On regular DVD's it is fairly easy to skip past the advertising.  But on children DVD's it's practically impossible.  I was quite peeved.

This morning Miller told the scientist that he wanted to watch "the stupid things."  I overheard a little of the conversation, and I have to admit I was baffled, but I was busy getting ready for a Mother's Day Tea.  However, James quickly figured out that "the stupid things" meant Miller wanted to watch his DVD, including the advertising and previews at the beginning. Apparently I was saying "these stupid things" over and over again as I pushed buttons on the remote trying to skip through the ads.

I only have one layout this week, but I'm really in love with this one.  A while ago, the scientist went to a hardware store to buy stuff for his lab.  He took Miller with him and Miller came home with a small, real, tape measure, which has been named "Superhero Yellow Stretch."  It's just the cutest name, isn't it?

Wavy Text Paths by Scrapping with Liz; Paper and button from Delight
and Amiable by DeCrow Designs; Paint and doodle from Life is Good by
Gina Marie Huff; Frame from The Promise of Tomorrow by Leora Sanford
Clouds from Some Stuff Template 11 by fei-fei's stuff

By the way, Stretch is the name of the tape measure on the Handy Manny cartoon. I'm looking forward to NSD. Gonna do some shopping!

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