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Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Layouts - April 23, 2011

As expected, my scrapping fervor has run its course. Here are the two layouts I've made this week.  The first is just a picture of Miller that I took at the park.  We had an egg hunt and picnic with our Mom's Group.
Miscellaneous Temps II and Fun with Opacity Masks by Scrapping with Liz
A Place in My Heart by Vera Lim; Your True Colors by Captivated Visions
Just a Note by Kasia

Those flag banners are all over the place in digital kits lately.  The day I was working on that layout (before I had added the banner) I was going through some Parents Magazines I had.  I wanted to finish reading them and get them out of the house.  Well, I came across a little photographed scene - a little diarama that they had photographed, as the opening image for an article.  This photograph had a real banner with real shadows.  I thought I should study it to create more realistic shadows for my pages.  But I put the magazine down, finished my lunch and went on with my day.  Then the next day I was working on the shadows for that banner and decided I needed to find that picture from the magazine.  I went through all three magazines at least three times and could not find it again.  I don't know if I had actually tore the page out and then lost it, or was it in another magazine that had already been thrown out?  Did I dream the whole thing?  I was so frustrated!  I'm still mad at myself for not putting that page into a safe place to study later.  I can almost picture the photo in my head ... it had a yellow backdrop ... I think it was on the left hand side of the page .... Ugh!!

And here is a Project: Love, Me page.  I'm caught up again.
Delight and Amiable by DeCrow Designs; Template - pagemaker duo
freebie by iscrap; An Umbrella Built For Two by Leora Sanford
and Emily Powers; Sweet & Simple Kit #8 by Gina Marie Huff

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  1. Love these LOs (as previously stated, LOL). Shadows are something I seriously need to sit down and get a better handle on because I know they can make or break a LO. Your shadows look awesome, to me, BTW.