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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bird Report

I got a new hummingbird feeder last Christmas. It is really cool - it has suction cups and adheres to windows.

This is cool because the birds look right at you through the window. This is also a very easy-to-clean feeder. It is basically just a bowl with a hinged lid.

You can set up a tripod right inside the window in hopes of getting a really nice close up of a bird. However, if your window happens to be shaded by a balcony, as mine is, you might not get that great play of colors that is so desired.

But I happened to get this one pretty good shot (out of about 30 - I was using a remote so that I could stand far away, and I didn't realize that the focus point was set too low). I am now feeling inspired to attempt more hummingbird photography.

This is the same picture, just cropped in and saturation bumped - I couldn't help myself.

I was wondering if the hummingbirds would stay resident all winter, or if they would migrate. They stayed, but they did not seem as interested in my feeder. I think they kept to more natural food sources. Maybe their diet varies over the year.

So, stay tuned for future bird photography, and thanks for stopping by.

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