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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cropped Round 3

I hung in there another round. If I remember correctly, Round 3 was where I got cropped last year, so .... well, we'll see.

Here is the prompt:  "Round Three is Seafood, and similar to last year, this one is open to a little bit of interpretation. For this round, get creative in showing us what you "see". Whether it's a layout about something you see every day, or where you see yourself in ten years, we can't wait to see it, and we want you to be creative in the way you show us! This is also the one round where photography will be heavily judged." And of course, to include the mystery basket items:

I gotta say, this mystery basket was really intimidating. But I basically made the page I wanted, and then figured out how to add the pieces into the page. In the end, it wasn't that bad, and I think that if we all managed to handle this basket, we can handle whatever else they throw at us (if we make it to the next round).  Here is my page:

Zephyr Templates and Solid Papers by Karla Dudley; Autumn Days by Amanda Yi;
Be Kit by creashens; Round 3 Mystery Basket

Going into this, I had two different ideas for a page. My other idea involved a funny octopus video that Miller found online. I thought there were lots of ways that fit in with the prompt, and I even wanted to put in a QR code for the video. It's a page I've been wanting to make for a while, but I had always envisioned using a beautiful creative commons photo of an octopus. Although the Cropped rules did not say you couldn't use a stock photo, I felt it was a little poor form for this particular challenge.

I did, though, try to build my octopus page anyway, but I was getting nowhere with it. So I switched over to the hummingbird idea. I do see hummingbirds every day, and I try to photograph them, as you know if you read my blog. So I still think this is a great page for the challenge, even if the octopus one would have been better.

Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed!

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