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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The hummingbirds are gone

Over the last few weeks I have seen just a couple of hummingbirds, and the ones I have seen have not been feeding at my feeder. I guess they all migrated.

I really enjoyed the hummingbirds this year. I came to recognize some of their calls and even could tell the purpose of different sounds.

"Click ... Click ... Click" said as a hummingbird approaches a feeder means: Any other birds out here object to me taking a drink?

"Click ... Click ... Click" said by a hummingbird sitting in a tree means: That feeder is mine. If there's anybody else out there, just stay away.
"THRUMMMMMMM" said by a hummingbird as it swoops toward another means: Hey YOU! Get away from MY feeder!"

There was one sound, though, that I never understood. It was usually made by a lone (as far as I could tell) hummingbird just hanging out in the tree. I describe the sound as a cute version of fingernails on a chalk board, if you can believe such a sound exists. I guess that sound just meant: Here I am hanging out in the tree. Just minding my own business.

I continuously saw new behavior as the weeks passed. I read that hummingbirds will defend their territory. I definitely saw that. Except for one occasion, I only ever saw one hummingbird feed at a time. But I have also seen pictures of  feeders with a bird feeding at each spot. One time I saw two birds approach the feeder and dive at each other ... but neither one flew off.  They swooped again, and again neither one flew off. And then they both flew closer to the feeder, and both fed at the same time. I almost got a picture of it, but the darn lens cap intervened.

I look forward to the spring and summer when I might get to enjoy the hummingbirds again. Here is one of the last pictures I took. Come back next hear, hummingbirds!

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