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Monday, September 19, 2011

Paper Spiders

Earlier in the year Miller got obsessed with spiders, and I had to make lots of them for him.  He would see one in a book or on TV, and he would HAVE to have one just like it.  We would quickly assess the visual aspects of the spider, using pause if available, to "learn its parts." Once its parts were learned (ie the color, the number of legs, whether it had mean eyes, whether it had pedipalps  ... do you know what pedipalps are?), we could then make it correctly.  At first I grudging made them, but after a while I started to get into it.  I made them out of paper and tape, and in one case, buttons.  Sometimes we used a hole punch.

I saved a bunch of the paper spiders, and I have wanted to scrap them for several months.  I originally envisioned extracted images of 20 or so spiders, kind of piled and overlapping on the page.  But I also wanted to do something along the theme of "the evolution of spiders" because I had made several different styles, and they seemed to have an evolving look: quick scribbles, more detailed sketches, and paper pieced spiders.  In the end, I did not find a way to get all those ideas down in one page.  I have several layouts instead.  Here they are.  They are my current favorites.

This first one gives the story about how motherhood made me into a pretty darn good spider maker.

Simple Album Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Danielle's Alpha Art by Wish Bliss Studio

For this second page, I went with the evolution theme. I intentionally chose different spiders in this page to get as many different ones as possible.  Disclaimer: the spiders show here are not actually in chronological order of creation.

Inspiration Starters by Scrapping with Liz

This last one is a game where you enact Little Miss Muffet with props and repeat it over and over again. I was actually planning to sit there and keep going to learn just how long he would repeat this game, but then I got the idea of taking photographs. I really like the dramatic irony here. I was pleased that I got a photo with the look I was going for.

Simple & Sweet Album Templates by Scrapping with Liz
An Umbrella Build for Two by Leora Sanford and Emily Powers
Vintage Vogue Elements by Sahlin Studio
Boy Oh Boy by Designs by Lili and Leora Sanford

By the way, Miller is still obsessed with spiders, but I haven't had to make any new ones in months. I guess having 20 or so on hand in a box is kinda useful that way.  Oh, and one more thing, I have a newfound appreciation for adhesive tape.  I normally don't like to tape things ... because you can see the tape, and that bothers me ... but on a paper spider it works.  The tape is part of the look. You should try it.