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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crafty with Rainbow Loom

Are you familiar with Rainbow Loom?

Do the interlocking designs amaze you?

Do you have little rubber bands all over your floor like I do?

Several months ago I became aware of rubber band bracelets and the Rainbow Loom.  I keep hearing from different people how HUGE the Rainbow Loom is right now, although I haven't really seen evidence of this first hand. I do know that a couple of first graders are into it (mine included), and I know that there are lots of videos available that show you how to make different things. TONS of videos. And a lot of those are made by kids. I love it!

When we made our first bracelets, even the very simplest design fascinated me. Now we have made even more complex creations and I'm starting to understand how it all works. I was surprised that boys, and even men, are into this stuff. I think it is because of the mechanics of it. It really is fascinating how you can take these individual loops and make them form something solid.

Simple Bracelets

 More Advanced Bracelets


I think part of this Rainbow Loom craze is the challenge to invent a new bracelet that no one else has made. So, we're working on that.  Now, I think I'll go look for rubber bands to pick up off the floor. There are always more that you missed. Thanks for stopping by!

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