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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Simple Digi Cards

I often make simple little cards with my digi supplies and my old paper cardstock stash. Here is one I made today:

Merry Little Kit by creashens

Here's how I make them:
  • In Photoshop I make a simple illustrated 4x6 inch card design with a white background. It usually has a little picture and a simple message.
  • I flatten all the layers and put a thin inner stroke on it. (I use the stroke lines as a cutting guide.)
  • When I print, I make sure that the image isn't centered on the paper, but instead is placed toward one end of the paper. That way, I can use the extra to cut a blank page to place in the inside of the card.
  • I use my paper cutter to cut out the card cover, cutting inside the black lines so that the paper is a little under 4x6 inches. That leaves a little border around it when you glue it to the cardstock.
  • With the leftover white paper, I use my paper cutter to cut another plain white piece of paper that is a little smaller than 4x6 inches.
Here is the inside of this card, to see what I mean. It just has a piece of white paper glued in so I can write my message by hand.

  • Using colored cardstock from my paper scrapbooking stash, I cut a 6x8 inch piece and score it down the center so it folds to 4x6 inches.
  • Then I use a glue stick to glue down the paper pieces to the cardstock. For the cover, I glue it down all across the paper. For the inner sheet, I just put a stripe of glue across the top.
  • I usually flatten it down really well and sometimes place it under a heavy book for a while.
  • I found 4.75 x 6.5 inch envelopes at Michaels, and my homemade cards fit with room to spare.

 Here is a card I made over a year ago, that I happened to photograph.
For The Record by Valorie Wibbens

And these next two I have the digital files, but didn't photograph the actual cards.
Daydream Scrapflower collab (Sabee's Creative World element)
Piece of Cake by Wish Bliss Studio

These simple cards are really fun to make, and I'm always pleased to have a handmade card with little effort. And I'm always glad to find use for the paper supplies that I've kept around. Happy card making.  And thanks for stopping by!

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  1. These are absolutely adorable and delightful, Tiff. And so creative! Personal and hand-made cards are such treasures.