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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Productivity returns

As the end of the year approaches, I become more aware of the the photos and memories from the past several months that have not been scrapped yet - ones that got set aside for a while.  I don't want to have a rush come January because I'm anxious to have my book printed.

After a bit of a dry spell, I've now been on a scrapping spree!  Maybe DSD got me back, or maybe it's just the natural ebb and flow of creativity. I've even done a couple multi-photo pages which are always hard for me.  I'm really pleased with that.  I've been doing a few challenges too.  Here's what I've got ...

These are some photos from a local pumpkin patch/farm.  Every year they have little baby kittens, chickens, pigs, ducks, rabbits (and more) for us to hold and pet.  The kitties have always been Miller's favorite.  He really likes cats, I guess because we have a cat (Bob).

Scraplift of Perfect Autumn Day by Liahra; Photobooth and Chasing Fireflies by Paislee Press; Nostalgia by 
Paislee Press and creashens; Sweater Weather by One Little Bird; Granny's Sewing Basket by Kitschy Digitals
Bold Brushwork by Misty Cato; Photo action by My Four Hens

This one was for a challenge about a secret. Earlier in the year Miller went through a spell during which he refused to take baths.  The funny thing was, if you did manage to get him into a bath, he'd stay in there for hours.  Anyway, most of the time, when I asked if he would take a bath he would say, "No."  I'm not really a disciplinarian, and taking a bath is not all that essential in my book (unless he started stinking).  He very easily went three weeks without a bath, possibly a whole month ... but let's just say three weeks because that makes me sound a little more normal.

Daffodil by Zinnias & Swallowtails; Plaid Addict 3 by Rachel Young; Sunshine and Daffodils by Sahlin Studio
Make a Wish by Valorie Wibbens and Sahlin Studio

On of the moms in my mom's group graciously invited the group to her family's pumpkin patch and maze (it was called a milo maze, not a corn maze).  The entire group of 5 moms and about 7 kids, including our host and designer of the maze, got lost in there.  And she even had a map on her phone!  It was a little crazy, but a very special memory.  The maze felt huge from the inside, but the next day, as I drove by it on the freeway, I looked over and from that vantage point, the maze looked tiny!

Chopped Paper Templates by Scrapping with Liz; Kicking up the Leaves and Sweet & Simple Life #11,  #6,  #5
and  Everyday Essential Papers by Gina Marie Huff; Fresh Blooms by Kitschy Digitals;
Vintage Vogue Elements by Sahlin Studio

This two-pager has photos from the same trip to the barn as in the first layout above.  This was also an outing with the mom's group, and this layout has pics of the kids having fun together.

Simple & Sweet Album Templates by Scrapping with Liz;  Pumpernickel, Dear Mom, and The Everyday Papers
by Valorie Wibbens; Elements from Sunny, Country Fair Picnic and Sunshine and Daffodils by Sahlin Studio
Sewing Table by Gina Miller Designs; Leaves from Sweet September by Sugarplum Paperie and Fruitloop Sally;
Photo actions by My Four Hens

Here is a new Project: Love, Me page about the best gift ever. I think I would have had a hard time with this prompt, except that the scientist, entirely of his own accord, had recently mentioned that my cast iron soup pot was the best Christmas gift I ever got.  I'm inclined to agree with him.  I'm pleased with the photograph I took of it too.  I had to do some photoshopping to "extend" my kitchen counter in both the foreground and the background, and I liked how it turned out.

Challenge Freebie Template by Amy Martin; Froggy's Cardstock by Gina Miller
So Grateful by Sahlin Studio and Sugarplum Paperie; Stitches by Anna Aspnes

I was hoping to have more layouts soon, but it looks like I'll have other work on my plate for the next few weeks.  Thanks for stopping by, and please come again.

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