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Friday, May 13, 2011

Digi musings and New Layouts - May 13, 2011

Today I dropped off two submissions for the California State Fair scrapbook competition. I'm trying not to get too excited, though. From reading the contest guidelines, it definitely sounded like the judges are expecting traditional, paper layouts. But I think my submissions are strong ones, so I have a little flutter in my belly. I believe the judging is next week, so hopefully the wait will not be too long.

Today was also the last day to apply for the Scrap Orchard creative team. I didn't apply. But I kind of wish I did. The scientist would not be happy if I did. I keep telling myself that I enjoy scrapping without deadlines, that I like being rogue. I have a feeling that some of the girls on one of my teams will be picked to be Honey Bees, and I will be envious. Of course, this way I'm spared the pain of rejection.  I just gotta stop thinking about it.  Good luck, girls!!

After a bit of a dry spell, I've got on a roll again. Five layouts to share!  I've had a folder with photos set aside since the beginning of the year, and I was beginning to think that they might never get scrapped.  I think my main obstacle was that the photos themselves just weren't very good.  But then I gave them a new look, and with some of my NSD purchases, got them scrapped.

For a while Miller was really into using tape to make things....taping paper spiders together, or just prcacticing pulling the tape out of the dispenser, or in this case, creating a scotch-tape spider web all across the office.
conversation piece no. 5, The Sunday Edition and Pictures + Words
all by Paislee Press

Miller can make anything into an action figure, even his piggy bank.
time capsule and billet doux by One Little Bird

Just a little field trip with my mom's group.
patterned papers from EverydayLife #3 by Cinzia and Gina Marie Huff;
bugs from A Haunting We Will Go by Gina Huff and Patricia Christensen;
solid paper from Innovative by One Little Bird

Ever since my pregnancy, I have not been able to wear my wedding rings, which I love dearly.  Even after the pregnancy weight was lost, they still did not fit.  I think my bones are literally bigger now. Thank you, pregnancy hormones. But I thought I came up with a clever twist, to say that motherhood itself has made hands strong and big.
Everyday Life by Gina Marie Huff

Just a series of photos when I was bugging Miller to cut his hair.  I styled his long bangs in different styles and even gave them names, which I can't remember anymore.
paper from Innovative by One Little Bird;
Frames from pictures + words by Paislee Press;
Wordart from EverydayLife 2 by Cinzia and Gina Marie Huff

That's it for now, I'm actually at my mom's house right now, to celebrate my niece's birthday on Sunday. Have a good weekend!

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