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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A post full of layouts

Here is a slew of layouts I've made in the last month or so.

This layout was just for fun with a cute picture of Miller.  He was playing in his little sandbox on the patio.  I was playing around with my camera.

These were a bunch of pictures I took when we watched the eclipse.  The scientist built a little apparatus for us to use called a pinhole camera. He used an old packing tube and an Honest Kids box ... and black t-shirts wrapped around to help block out light.

This was one of those layouts where I had a cute picture, but no particular story to go with it.  But then later on Miller said something really cute and it worked perfectly with the older picture.  He loves our cat Bob.

Another just-for-fun layout with cute pictures.

I found a tiny little spider in a tiny little web, nestled in the plants on the patio.  I was trying to get a really good, clear picture of the tiny spider, unsuccessfully by the way.  Later I thought the photo was a nice little slice of life ... because I'm always out looking at the plants on my patio ... it's hot now so I can use the clothesline ... and Miller walking around with the bare minimum of clothing. All that is a pretty good summary of my life the last few weeks.

A two pager for Miller's 5th birthday.

I was so pleased with these photos on the swing which I took at my mom's group Easter egg hunt and picnic.  I have tried so many times to take pictures of Miller swinging on a swing set and they are always blurry, or he's out of the frame or just plain awful.   I was just ecstatic with these photos. Not only did I get some great pictures of Miller being silly, but James got included too, with the angle I was at.

This was a colorful post.  I've really been drawn to colorful kits lately.  That's all for now.

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