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Monday, March 5, 2012

A little catching up???

I've been in a creative slump.  Well, it feels like that.  I've been scrapping, but I still have the 2011 books hanging over my head.  I haven't finished them, so if I contemplate scrapping new stuff, apprehension builds up inside.  I wish I could just put those those albums aside and not worry about them for a while.

It's not just scrapbooking that is overwhelming right now.  Simply getting the dishes done every night has been a losing battle.  I've managed to get caught up a few times, but that only lasts for a portion of a day ... until the next dinner basically.

Maybe part of my problems is that the other preschool moms got me hooked on these TV shows called Mad Men and Downton Abbey.  And I signed myself up for a free Netflix trial so I can watch them all.  So that has taken up some of my time.  It's actually the first time I've really watched television (other than Curious George and Sesame Street) in the last four years.  It's been a nice change of pace!

Since I haven't posted here on the blog recently, I never announced that I landed a guest CT spot with Secret Stash Designs.  I'm one month in now, and I get to stay for the rest of March.  That has been fun.  It was nice to actually get accepted to a call.  My confidence was so bolstered that I also applied to the Captivated Visions guest call, but that one resulted in rejection.  Oh well.  I have long coveted the CT spots all around me in digi land, but I have to admit that I do not scrap well under a deadline.  I like to have more breathing room to fiddle and get things just how I like them.  The guest spots that I have had are really more suited to me.  My permanent teams are fabulous because on none of them do I have any monthly quota of layouts that I must deliver.  While some people might say, "I'm on 7 teams and have to create 20+ layouts per month," I get to say, "I'm on a few teams, but I don't have to create any layouts at all if I'm not feeling it."  So my creativity can take a hike and not get me in trouble, and I can stay up 'til midnight and watch multiple episodes of Mad Men every day.

Here are some of my favorite layouts from the last month or so.  Several are 2-pagers, like this first one.  I's probably my most favorite right now.  I just love all the layering and mix of photo sizes.

These pictures date back to May - hey, this is proof I'm getting caught up on 2011, right?!  This was a play date with my mom's group that I actually organized and hosted.

And this one documents our Elf on the Shelf, which I only knew about because other digi scrappers clued me.

Ah, here are some 2012 pics.  I got Miller to make some faces for me.  Do you like his mad face (the third from the left)?  It's only a slight exaggeration of his actual mad face. Don't his teeth look sharp?

Well, I think that's it for now. If I can get Miller ready for bed quickly, I can probably fit in two episodes of Mad Men ... or I could get the dishes done ... hmmmm, which will it be?

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