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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adjusting to Preschool

I am getting used to the whole preschool routine, or trying to at least. Despite the couple of hours I have to myself each day, it actually seems like I have less time. Hopefully that is just the beginning-of-the-year stuff and it will settle down soon. Here are my most recent layouts.

This is my new favorite layout.  When I first saw the template by Liz, I immediately though of the lens apparatus on a camera.  The picture of Miller fit in perfectly with the photography theme I wanted to portray.  Normally, he just refuses to look at a camera at all, but occasionally he will give me this fake smile ... which is almost just as bad as far as scrapbooking goes.  But that's my life, and I love how this page turned out.
Recyclables 7 by Scrapping with Liz; Cardstock Stash by SuzyQ Scraps
Cardstock Basics by CafeJ; Froggy's Cardstock by Gina Miller
Storyteller by Studio Baers Garten

These are some cute pics of Miller dressed up in his snow jacket and bike gloves.  He wears the jacket around the house and calls it the Big Strong Woodsman costume (based on a Wonder Pets episode with a woodsman in a red jacket).  I didn't think much as I was taking the pictures, but when I viewed them they reminded me of pictures of Jerry Only from the band Misfits.  I was really into the Misfits when I was pregnant (Graves era Misfits, if that happens to mean anything to you), and we had actually considered naming the kido Miller Only (middle name Only).  I'm not sure how seriously James considered the name, but I actually considered it pretty seriously.  I almost regret not doing it.
Cardstock Stash by SuzyQ Scraps;
Summertime Solid Papers by Cheeky Monkey Designs

In the month of September, I didn't do any Project: Love, Me pages.  I think the iInspire prompts just didn't speak to me.  So this month, I am trying to get back on track.  I think I will do a single inspire-themed page for September, but I won't worry about every single prompt.  The October theme is iCherish.  This prompt was about what/who you cherish, and I decided to write about how I cherish rainy weather.
Traditional Temps I by Scrapping with Liz; HoHoHo by Miss Tiina;
Emporium DigiChick collab; Insta-Frames by Audacious Designs
Photo by Horia Varlan - Flickr Creative Commons

This page goes along with my idea of taking some self-portraits every once in a while to include in my Project: Love, Me album.  I think I will turn it into a 2-pager, with the opposite page just being some text about how I cherish my alone time.
Fun Fades, Fun with Opacity Masks & Misc Temps II by Scrapping with Liz
Paper stamp and ribbon by Vera Lim (freebies); Decorative Stitches and
Sprinkles V4 by Valorie Wibbens; Flowers by Wendy Page

Well, I think that brings the layouts all up to date.  I don't even have any in-progress at the moment.  But I do have photos on my camera that I need to get on my computer, so that's what I'll go do now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Gorgeous, as always! Love those photos of your son in his jacket, they are adorable!