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Monday, December 20, 2010

Dotted with ...

When I decided to start this blog, I immediately wanted give it a nice name. I've seen so many other blogs with creative names, so why couldn't mine have a great name I thought. And maybe someday I'll become a designer (yeah, right!), and I'll already have a name for that.

I was in the car, talking to my husband, the scientist, who is obsessed with music - all kinds of music. Well, probably not all kinds, but he likes and collects lots of music. He collects music like I collect digital scrapbooking kits. I told him I want to have a neat name for my blog, and somehow, the conversation turned to the idea of "stealing" a favorite song title and using that as a blog name.

I immediately thought of my favorite band, HorrorPops, and my favorite song of theirs, Dotted with Hearts, from their debut album Hell Yeah!

Dotted With Hearts sounded like a cool blog name. My blog will mostly be about scrapbooking, and Dotted With Hearts sounded a little crafty, and a little girly. And, it's my favorite song.

So, I ran to the computer to create my blog, and in about 30 seconds found out that dottedwithhearts was already taken. So, I immediately rationalized to myself that "dotted with hearts" didn't really fit me and who I am anyway. I don't dot with hearts; I dot my i's with dots. So I ran THAT blog name past the scientist, and he agreed that it did in fact fit "me" very well. So I typed the words and hit the button, and my blog was made.

Here is a layout I made back in February about this song. For credits, please click on over to my DST gallery.

*Dotted With Hearts*

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  1. Wow, LOVE that page....and your blog name is VERY cool! I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do...and good luck with it!